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Heifer Development

Heifer Development Program 

The heifer development program is another service offered by B&B Cattle Company to cattle producers.  Very similar to our bull development, the heifer development will identify the cattle that will assist each producer in breeding genetically-superior cattle. 

The entry requirements are the same as the bulls, with the exception that the heifers are not required to be registered.  Any commercial or seed stock heifer is eligible.  The costs, also, will differ, depending on which program the heifers are enrolled in.  The heifers will be on feed for a longer period of time than the bulls.  Heifers are fed a ration designed to ensure proper growth and development, along with hay, mineral, and protein will be provided. 

The same basic data as the bulls will be collected, with the pelvic measurement taking the place of the scrotal circumference.  All heifers will be ultra sounded, and  routine weights taken.  

At the end of the feeding period, the heifers, as they come of age, will be synchronized and artificially inseminated to a low-birth weight bull of your choice.  The producer is responsible for obtaining the semen and having it shipped to B&B Cattle Company, unless otherwise discussed.   After breeding, the heifers will be preg-checked. 

Our goal is to first obtain solid data that will make decision-making as simple as possible on which heifers to retain and which heifers to sale.  The second goal is to return home to each producer a genetically-superior bred heifer.  

For more information regarding the heifer development program, or any other services offered by B&B Cattle Company, please contact us with you questions or comments.

 Required Paperwork and Information:

Bull Development Program

***Fall 2020 Test***
December 2019 - March 2020 born bulls are scheduled to begin arriving the week of October 5th

B&B Cattle Company was created to assist in identifying genetically-superior animals by evaluating post-weaning growth and development. Our bull performance test program helps to provide breeders with an economical alternative to growing and developing their own animals at home.  B&B Cattle Company’s philosophy on performance is to develop the animals in an environment which will obtain good, steady growth and prepare the animal for life. 

The bulls are developed in large grass traps and fed a ration designed to ensure proper growth and development.  We also provide free choice hay, mineral and salt blocks.   Here at B&B Cattle Company, we treat your animals as if they were our very own.  We live on site; therefore, someone is available 24 hours a day.

We also offer individualized development programs for owners or groups of owners with at least 20 bulls. 

The nomination forms and receiving sheets are available below.  If needed, we can e-mail or mail them to you.  Also, the pre-conditioning sheets and directions are available, as well.  The nomination forms and receiving sheets are required either before or at the time of delivery.

  Required Paperwork and Information:

Location: Normangee, TX

Data: Summary reports of all the test data will be mailed to all participants.  Reports will also be posted on the website.  

Receiving Periods: There are 3 tests each yr.  The following is an estimated time of each year that bulls are received:

1) Dec. thru Mar. calves - received in October;

2) April thru July calves - received in February;

3) Aug. thru Nov. calves - received in June.

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